St. Patrick Academy will provide a gateway into 21st century learning by providing students with the tools to succeed as faith-filled, community-focused and self-motivated learners prepared to meet the needs of a diverse and changing world.
By using creative, engaging, arts-centered instructional strategies, we provide a dynamic and effective educational environment for students through Arts 4 Learning.
Road Scholars Program is a direct approach to enhancing academic background through out-of-classroom experiences. Field trips are living laboratories for active, hands-on learning with the rich resources of the local community.

St. Patrick Academy Schoolwide Learning Expectations

A Faithful Catholic who:

  • Actively practices the teachings of Jesus through prayer and the Sacraments
  • Shares the Good News through a spirit of service to others
  • Demonstrates moral choices by modeling Christian behavior

A Compassionate, Loving and Kind Community Member who:

  • Listens to and values the ideas of others
  • Stands up for self and others in a respectable and appropriate manner
  • Contributes unselfishly with kindness, patience, love and respect

A Determined, Self-disciplined Individual who:

  • Comes to class prepared, follows directions, and shows focus and effort  
  • Collaborates well with others, yet works independently with confidence
  • Diligently completes assignments while meeting or exceeding school expectations

A Globally Aware Citizen who:

  • Understands, appreciates, and celebrates diversity
  • Demonstrates empathy and a sense of responsibility for those in need
  • Is  aware of a personal connection to current global issues as a faith-filled Christian

An Enthusiastic and Inquisitive Learner who:

  • Dedicates time and effort to surpass their current achievements
  • Demonstrates 21st century learning skills through application, collaboration, and creativity
  • Actively listens and communicates effectively