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Welcome to St. Patrick Academy Arts Integrated School

St. Patrick Academy  will provide a gateway into 21st century learning by providing students with the tools to succeed as faith-filled, community-focused and self-motivated learners prepared to meet the needs of a diverse and changing world.

Mission and Philosophy

St. Patrick Academy, a culturally diverse diocesan regional school, serves students in the South Sacramento area and the surrounding communities. The ministry of the Academy is threefold: to provide a positive, Christ-centered, 21st century learning experience through excellence in academics; to be attentive to all aspects of the individual child's development; and to provide students with the tools to be self-motivated critical thinkers. The modeling and practice of moral and ethical values, coupled with the teachings of our Catholic faith, further empower our students to meet all future challenges. Aiding parents in their responsibility as the primary educators of their children, the Academy strives to honor and celebrate our ethnic and spiritual diversity while preparing our students to be bearers of compassion, respect and knowledge to the larger world.

Road Scholars Program

is a direct approach to enhancing academic background through out-of-classroom experiences. Field trips are living laboratories for active, hands-on learning with the rich resources of the local community.

Parent & Teacher Testimonials

Cervantes Family

We wanted to share the blessings that our children received while at St. Patrick Academy. At SPA our children have received ...

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Mrs. Nguyen

Hello, my name is Mrs. Nguyen. I teach Math and Science at St. Patrick's Academy. This is a wonderful catholic school ...

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Our son is in third grade and has attended St. Patrick Academy (SPA) since kindergarten. We’re excited to share how much...

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Antonia Hart

Saint Patrick's Academy has been a blessing to our family. Every experience we have had with the school has been great...

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