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St. Patrick Academy was created at the behest of Sacramento Bishop Jaime Soto after he had served on the Notre Dame commission on the future of Catholic schools in America.

From its inception, St. Patrick Academy has embraced arts integration as a fundamental component of its educational mission. We believe the skills and experiences developed and nurtured through the Arts is essential for our 21st century students. It is the Arts which allow us to live and participate in a greater percentage of the world-the arts are universal and intrinsic to all cultures. In order to attend to all aspects of our students’ development and provide them with the tools to be self-motivated thinkers, we must not only include the Arts in the life of the Academy, but integrate them throughout the curriculum. Students educated to meet the Schoolwide Learning Expectations of creativity, enthusiasm, inquisitiveness, determination, motivation, and self-discipline will do so in large part due to the Arts. God is present in the totality of human experience; as a school which exists to give glory to the One who is the source of life, we cannot ignore the Arts as intrinsic to who we are, and as essential to ensuring that all our students achieve their full potential as children of God.

St. Patrick Academy is a regional Catholic school serving the children of surrounding parishes that no longer or have never had a Catholic school as part of their parish ministries. The Academy is proud to serve students from St. Anne, St. Peter, All Hallows, Immaculate Conception, Vietnamese Martyr Catholic Church, St. Anthony, and St. Rose Parishes.