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Rainbows is a support group curriculum for children who have suffered significant loss in their lives; either through death, divorce, or other painful transitions. There are curriculum for both elementary students and adolescents. Groups are designed to provide children with an opportunity to meet new friends who have gone through or are going through situations similar to theirs. Trained caring adults facilitate the groups while the children are sorting through and understanding their grief. the goal is to assist each student to achieve a healthy acceptance of what has happened in their family. The aim of this program is to implant in these grieving children a belief in their own goodness and value of their family.

Rainbows is not a counseling session. It is strictly a peer support group guided by caring, trained adults. Both the children and the adults are bound by confidentiality. Each meeting is begun with a reminder that the participants may share what they say or do in the meeting with others outside of the group, but they may not share what their peers say or do. Children benefit from relating their experiences with others, even if they occurred years ago.

If you are interested in learning more about the rainbows program, please call the school office and our Rainbows Coordinator will contact you.